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LUK AH CHOI was the son of a Manchu that was stationed in Gwongdung. After his parents died, Luk Ah Choi was brought up by his uncle. Because his uncle abused him, Luk Ah Choi ran away when he was 12 years old. He met a monk named Lei Baak Fu, a master in the Southern Fa Kuen style (Flower Style), and became his student.

After 7 years of training, Lei Baak Fu sent him to the southern Siu Lum Temple in Fukien Province. There, Luk Ah Choi became a student of Abbot Gee Sim Sim See.

After the destruction of the Siu Lum temple, Luk Ah Choi went back to Guangdung, where he devoted himself to martial arts and Chinese medicine.

Luk Ah Choi died at the age of 68.

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